Wednesday, 25 December 2013

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Naruto Manga 661 : Promise Can't Be Broken

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Naruto Manga 661 is going to be released and Naruto Manga 660 just got released and you saw how hard Madara is trying to get the rest 2 Bijju out of the remaining Jinjuriki and it looks like it is going to be a great fight between Madara,Naruto,Minato and other Comrades of Naruto.
I think Naruto Manga 661 Madara will get a hold of the Nine Tails aka Kurama and Naruto will be left without a tailed beast.All will be shocked of Kurama going but Naruto will not be losing hope.Minato tries to help Naruto but Naruto is ready to fight Madara with himself alone.Sasuke starts using Mystical technique on Naruto.
Naruto Manga 661

It looks like Sasuke is going to give a hand in the fight and Naruto goes Sage Mode just because he is not a Jinjuriki now.Now it is the time for all to join Hands and fight against Madara.Naruto Manga 661 Chapter is going to be super awesomeand I bet none of you want to miss it.
The Fight is getting long and now everyone is ready to prove that new generation is ready to take on and there is no need for their ancestors to join the fight between them and Madara uchiha for the Kyuubi.In Naruto Manga 661 you will get to know how new generation surpasses the old one.
 Naruto Manga 661

The Naruto Manga Chapter 661 Release date will be announced soon and you will get to see what will happen in Naruto Manga 661.The Manga pics will be updated as soon as possible it arrives and check Naruto Manga 662 too..
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